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indrayanikrushi - Eco-tourism

Merging Ecological Conservation and Community Integration

Eco-tourism of Indrayanikrushi Farm is the first social enterprise which offers nature-based tours in Alandi.
Provide training and employment opportunities for people in recovery of mental illness
Enhance public understanding and acceptance of people in recovery of mental illness through various activities and their interaction with the public
Promote the concept of healthy living, environmental protection and mental health
Enable people to relax away from the hustle and bustle of city life
The 4.1 hectares Indrayanikrushi Interactive Farm has different themed educational zones and lookout areas, including: Organic Agricultural Exhibition Gallery, Organic Herbs Garden, Organic Farming Zone, Butterfly Garden, Chinese Herbs Garden and Organic Cactus Garden. People in recovery of mental illness are trained as tour guides to introduce the concept of organic farming and environmental protection while leading the visitors to tour around the farm. Fun-packed interactive activities and games would give the visitors the enjoyment of organic farming; and handicraft workshops that make use of natural materials like plants, seeds and stone etc. would help raise their awareness of nature conservation. For refreshment, organic herbal tea and home-made desserts are ready to serve at the Tea House.
Customized eco-tour packages are on offer to meet the diversified needs of different groups, companies, schools and housing estates:
Relax away from the hustle and bustle of city life Enjoy organic cookery workshop
Learn more about ecological protection Learn environmental friendly handicrafts DIY Class
Experience organic farming  


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Eco-tourism of indrayanikrushi Farm
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