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Baby Corn
Baby Corn
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Description : Baby corn is high in folate, a B-vitam i n; four ounces provides 31% of the RDA. It is a good source of several other nutrients too: the sam e serving size also provides 13 percent of the potassium , 14 percent of the B-6, 10 percent of the riboflavin, 17 percent of the vitam i n C and 11 percent of the fiber adults need each day. 1 Yellow corn contains carotenoids, 2 which are substances that m a y help prevent coronary artery disease, certain cancers, and cataracts. In particular, yellow corn is abundant in two carotenoids, zeaxanthin and lutein, which keep eyes healthy. The m o re yellow the corn is, the m o re carotenoids it contains, since these com pounds provide plants with color. Baby corn, being pale, would carry lesser am ounts of these carotenoids than m a ture corn. 1 Dat a cal cul a t e d from t h e Japanese St andard Tabl es of Food Com position, 4 th ed itio n . 2 USDA-NC C C a rot e noi d Dat a base, 1998.
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